Streatch Forming

SVSHPL offers a diverse selection of versatile sheet stretch forming presses, with a variety of options

Our machine designs are available in custom configurations with tonnage ratings from 160 to 3000 tons. Our presses are custom engineered to meet specific requirements with regard to jaw width, distance between jaws, strokes, forming tonnage, and valuable options. The options most commonly requested on presses manufactured today are: traversing gantry bulldozer, auxiliary die tables, auxiliary extrusion jaws, auxiliary curving jaws (for very tight radius fuselage sheets), SCADA programmable curving jaws, Edge Compensation System, and The SCADA programmable curving jaws eliminate the long, tedious, manual setup that has been the past industry standard on sheet jaws. There is no longer a need for the operator to have to physically adjust the manually locked adjusting screws on each curving arm of the jaw assemblies. The operator programs the desired radius from the operator console and the jaws automatically curve to the selected curvature.

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