About Composite Rebar

Corrosion and deterioration of steel reinforced concrete creates a significant maintenance and replacement demand. The costs to mitigate or remediate structures due to rebar/concrete corrosion are high. Composite FRP rebar provides a non corrosive reinforcement to concrete that provides the necessary strength and reinforcement, significantly enhancing service life of the reinforced concrete. Composite rebar is 1/4 the weight of steel and has a tensile strength greater than steel. 

One of the main reasons for considering FRP bars for concrete reinforcement is that steel corrodes in concrete subjected to harsh environments, resulting in loss of strength and structural integrity. Highway structures are particularly prone to this corrosion, as they are exposed to the outdoor environment and to deicing salts in colder climates. It is essential that all tensile reinforcing elements, including FRP bars to be used in concrete structures, retain sufficient strength capabilities during the expected life of the concrete structure. C-BAR® deformed FRP bars are a suitable alternative to steel reinforcing bars when reinforced concrete is:

  • Exposed to deicing salts.
  • Built in or close to seawater.
  • Subjected to other corrosive agents.
  • Required to maintain low electric conductivity or electromagnetic neutrality.
  • Required to save weight. Composite rebar deformed FRP bars are 25% of the weight of equivalent size steel bar.